Setting up Metamask wallet for BPX network (Google Chrome extension)

  1. Find Metamask in Chrome Web Store. Click "Add to Chrome" to begin installation.


2. Confirm installation in pop-up window and wait for the installation to complete.

3. On the welcome screen, accept the terms of use and select "Create a new wallet".


4. On the next screen, choose whether you consent to some usage statistics be collected by the wallet developers or not. For example, we choose "No thanks".


5. Set a password that will be used to unlock the wallet and accept transactions. Tick the password recovery warning checkbox and click "Create a new wallet".


6. On the next screen, click "Secure my wallet (recommended)".


7. Use the "Reveal Secret Recovery Phrase" button to see the generated secret words. Write down this 12 words and save it a place that you trust and only you can access. You will need them every time you want to log in to your wallet again on a new device or after reinstalling.


8. In the next step, the wallet will check if you have saved the secret words. You have to fill in the missing ones.


9. Go through the next informational steps and close the "What's new" window. You should see the main wallet screen. Now we will add the BPX network to the wallet. Expand "Ethereum Mainnet" and select "Add network".


10. Scroll to the bottom of the list and select "Add a network manually".


11. Complete the form as follows and click "Save":

Network name: BPX V3
Chain ID: 279
Currency symbol: BPX