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BPX vs Chia

If you are familiar with how Chia works, the following tips will help you better understand the BPX.

  1. BPX Beacon Client is a fork of Chia reference client, but very heavily modified. The entire BPX project is not a Chia fork.
  2. Most of Beacon Client commands, APIs and graphical interfaces are identical or very similar to those known from Chia.
  3. Beacon Client is used only to provide consensus updates for the EVM execution chain working in parallel and cannot run properly without the Execution Client.
  4. Beacon Client does not process any transactions, therefore it does not have a built-in wallet, it does not display any information about the amount of farmed coins, etc. All these informations are processed by the Execution Chain.
  5. BPX does not include a coin set model or CLVM.
  6. Processes and modules that were called full_node in Chia are called beacon in BPX.