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BPX vs Ethereum

If you are familiar with how Ethereum works, the following tips will help you better understand the BPX.

  1. BPX Execution Chain works exactly the same way as Ethereum's Execution Chain.
  2. BPX Execution Client is a Go-ethereum (geth) fork with no other changes except genesis block, bootnodes, DNS keys.
  3. BPX does not make any changes to the Ethereum protocol, APIs, structure of blocks and transactions, etc.
  4. All wallets, developer tools, applications dedicated for Ethereum that support custom chainId should work with BPX out of the box
  5. All smart contracts written in Solidity deployed on BPX network, should work without any changes in the source code
  6. BPX Beacon Chain and Beacon Client is completely different from Ethereum, but uses the same Engine API as Ethereum.
  7. Withdrawals introduced by the Shanghai hard fork are used in BPX to pay out block rewards, so block reward is not a transaction