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Farming BPX on Debian / Ubuntu

1. To start farming you need a working and synchronized full node. If you don't already have it, follow all the steps of this tutorial first.

2. Login as root. Switch to BPX services user

su - bpxv3

3. Use this command to set farming rewards target address. Replace 0xAAAA... with your correct wallet address.

bpx rpc beacon set_coinbase '{"coinbase": "0xAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"}'


4. Import key that was used to create your plots. Execute the following command and type 12 or 24 secret words. Press Enter. Add optional label for this key or just press Enter second time.

bpx keys add


5. Use the following command to add each folder where you have plots. Replace /mnt/hdd1 with your path.

bpx plots add -d /mnt/hdd1


6. Press Control + D to log out and return to the root console.

7. Modify the beacon client service descriptor file using for example nano editor

nano /etc/systemd/system/bpx-beacon.service

Replace the line:

ExecStart=bpx start node


ExecStart=bpx start node farmer

Save the file by pressing Control + O and close the editor with Control + X.


8. Refresh startup services configuration

systemctl daemon-reload

9. Restart beacon client to run with the farmer enabled.

systemctl restart bpx-beacon

10. Your farmer is active and configured to automatically start on system boot. Use the commands below to check farming status.

su - bpxv3
bpx farm summary