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Farming BPX on Windows

  1. To start farming you need a working and synchronized full node. If you don't already have it, follow all the steps of this tutorial first, but in the step from screenshot below, choose Farming Mode instead. Then go to the Step 4.


2. If you already have running full node go to Settings and switch the working mode to Farming.



3. Wait for the additional processes needed for farming to start. You need to confirm opening the port on the Windows firewall, just like during the installation.


4. Go to the Farming tab. Expand the menu in upper right corner and select Manage farming rewards.


5. Delete the default null address and paste there your BPX wallet address, e.g. Metamask. You will be receiving all farming rewards to this address. Click Save.


6. Go to the Plots tab. Expand the ADD KEY menu and select Import Existing.


7. Enter the mnemonics that were used to create your plots and click Next.


8. Expand the menu in right top corner and select Add Plot Directory.


9. Use the Add Plot Directory button to add each folder where you have plots. When all directories are added, click Close.


10. Farming will start immediately after adding the first plots directory. You can check whether plots pass through the filter in the Farming tab. Sometimes it may be necessary to restart the BPX Beacon Client GUI for farming to start.